Learn to choose God's Peace in the Midst of the Crushing Chaos Around You So You Can Utilize God's Power to Influence Your Surroundings for His Glory.

We’re living in a time of great chaos and strife in our world. Amid circumstances, we can slip from our foundation of the Peace we experience in HIS Presence.

For us to succeed, we need peace moment by moment, and to know how to return to peace quickly when we lose it.

  • Do annoyance, insecurity, offense, and anger rule the day?
  • Are you tired of losing your peace under pressure?
  • Are you learning but never able to walk consistently in what you have learned?
  • Are you one person in the world and another at home because of these things?
  • Do you depend on your environment or other people to be “just so” before you are happy?

When you’ve lost your inner peace, you’ve disconnected from God, your true self, and thus your ability to affect your world for God.

James 3:16 says, "Where there is strife, there is confusion and every evil practice." But the opposite is also true: Where there is Peace, there is Power. 2 Timothy 1:7

We see Jesus as the most powerful display of peace and power at the cross. He wasn’t a victim; He chose to lay down His life with no offense in His heart. He held His peace to accomplish this earth's most powerful act ever.

The peace of God can calm the storms of chaos and confusion. Join Dr. Lisa so you can learn how to choose His peace in any situation which brings clarity, direction, and hope to any situation.

You have God-given authority to boldly impact the world around you for and with Jesus Christ! But you must cultivate an inner world ruled by the Prince of Peace to bring that peace and power to the world around you instead of being controlled by chaos, pain, or conflict.

Learn to Walk Victoriously in Peace & Move in God's Power in the Face of Chaos.

Remain Anchored in Your Identity in Christ.

Then, Your Inner World is Ruled by the Prince of Peace, & HIS Power Flows Unhindered Within You to:

Allow the Holy Spirit to direct every aspect of your life, so the fruits and the gifts of the Spirit will flow through you.

Respond to difficult situations with Peace and God’s truth rather than reacting out of fear and pain.

Maintain control over your emotions so you can show up well in your relationships, job, or ministry.

Allow the Holy Spirit to direct every aspect of your life, so the fruits and the gifts of the Spirit will flow through you.

Guard your heart because out of it flow the issues of life, so you can be a victor, not a victim.

Walk in peaceoperate in God's power in the midst of chaos.

Join Us & Learn to

Walk in Peace and Power in the Midst of Chaos.

Impact the Atmosphere; Don't Be Ruled by it



Find Freedom From the Grips of Chaos, Pain, and Conflict;
Learn to Move in Peace + Power!

Peace & Power in the Midst of Chaos


April 1, 2, & 3 @ 11:00 am EST

Dr. Lisa Winchell, Doctorate in Ministry, NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, Certified Temperament Therapist, and Ordained Minister of Counseling, invites you on this fascinating journey into your most powerful possibilities as a follower of Christ.

Peace & Power in the Midst of Chaos
+ General


GENERAL SESSIONS: April 1, 2, & 3 @ 11:00 am EST
EXCLUSIVE Q & A: April 3 @ 7-9 pm EST

Join Dr. Lisa for an up and close group Q&A. Peace and Power in the Midst of Chaos, “ an Exclusive Q & A” includes all general sessions + 2 hours up close and personal question and answer session with Dr. Lisa on April 3 where you can ask Dr. Lisa questions pertaining to your specific situation. Such as how to move in Peace & Power… amidst a hard marriage; narcissism; in politics; in pain; purity struggles; in anxiety issues; physical challenges, and more. 

Find Freedom From the Grips of Chaos, Pain, and Conflict ;
Learn to Move in Peace + Power.
👉 Join Dr. Lisa  for up close and personal Q & A


3 Live Virtual Classes with Dr. Lisa Winchell

Between the Pit and the Glory is a Place called Christ in YOU!

Uncover profound revelations throughout the scriptures about powerful people, including Jesus, who are victorious because they know their identity in God!

Managing our Internal and External Responses (Peace)

Gain tools and strategies derived from Dr. Lisa’s growth in peace and power and 20 years of working with Christian clients.

your Atmosphere (Power)

Discover ways God wants to use you as you walk in your true identity in Christ, peace, and power!

Q and A only

Exclusive LIVE Q&A Coaching Session: Get your burning questions answered directly by Dr. Lisa Winchell during our exclusive Q&A session on APRIL 3rd at 7PM EST. Replays will be provided.

Group with Community + Support

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey, and receive support and encouragement.


Can't make it to a live session? No worries! All classes will be recorded and available for you to watch.

Meet Your Host, Dr. Lisa Winchell


Don’t miss this opportunity to cultivate an inner world ruled by the Prince of Peace to avoid being controlled by the chaos in this world, and to bring His PEACE and Power you carry into every situation you encounter.

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Find Freedom From the Grips of Chaos, Pain, and Conflict ; Learn to Move in Peace + Power!